Souls are eternal


I have reached to that age and stage in life where I have realized that everything in life comes down to one universal hard fact “any moment of life can be our last”.


We know the fact yet live in denial for years. We know that we are not our bodies. We are souls, we have bodies. We feel more attached to our bodies as we have never experienced our souls. Accepting the fact that our bodies might not be with us forever becomes hard as we have never seen our souls. We doubt its existence. Therefore, every time someone we love goes through a soul transition it shakes us up to the utmost core. Every time we lose someone close, it breaks us from inside.


I know the hardest thing in life is to cope with the sorrow of losing someone but I also have learnt that there is only one way of saving ourselves from the extreme grief, is by experiencing our divine soul and theirs too. All our souls are so godly, it will take all our efforts, every moment of persistence and everything we have, to connect with our souls and be able to accept all of us, as souls and not as bodies. I have learnt that the moment we realize our existence as souls, will change us forever, even after we lose our existence as bodies. It will change us in ways, which will be beyond our imagination. It will make us realize that our souls are and will be forever. But all we have to do is keep trying to get through the process of realization till acceptance.


And meanwhile, in the process of finding our souls and accepting, we should embrace every moment and every breath as a souvenir from life, reminding ourselves to feel alive than to just stay alive.


This note is to remind us all to be living every moment we have been gifted with, confess love to people you love, call them when they are expecting it, send them messages that touch them, make them laugh, give time to people who need you, let go of grudges and forgive, love people and not materials, become someone’s strength in crisis, care a bit more and be kinder to every soul.


This note is to remind us all to love, live and laugh a little more than usual.


This note is to remind us all that all our souls are eternal and will always be.

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Niharika Chaturvedi