Introducing Niharika

About Niharika Chaturvedi

Niharika is Jack Canfield’s certified trainer on Success Principles, a Law of Attraction Expert, an Author, a Life Coach, YouTuber and a Singer (by passion).

Her inclination towards training and coaching people to live reality of their choices, motivated her to train herself into being capable to guide people. Inspired by the purpose of changing the world for the good, she completed her Train the Trainer certification from Dale Carnegie, became a certified Law of Attraction Trainer from Golden Inspirations and a Jack Canfield Certified Trainer on the Success Principles from internationally renowned The Canfield Training Group.

Niharika has penned a book as an author to connect with her readers on a deeper level. Her debut book “Law of Attraction; It works through you” emphasizes your role in directing the Law of Attraction to work in your favor. The book will help readers realize their power and potential and inspire them to become the creators of their lives.

Niharika also founded AttrAct workshops, events and products which aims at educating and empowering audience to expand their awareness and synchronize them with the natural, unlimited laws of the universe.

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Niharika Chaturvedi