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About Niharika Chaturvedi

Niharika Chaturvedi is the Founder of AttrAct Academy, training academy offering powerful products, programs, events & sessions on Law of Attraction, Success Principles, Abundance, Career Success, Personal Growth, Mindset Mastery, Happiness, Positivity, Meditation & Life Purpose.

AttrAct Academy aims at educating & empowering people to help them align themselves with their dreams & goals.
Niharika is a Law of Attraction Expert, Jack Canfield’s Success Principles Trainer, Author, Mentor & IIM Alumna.
Niharika is the author of the book “Law of Attraction; It works through you” which emphasizes our role in directing the Law of Attraction to work in our favour. The book will help the readers realize their power & potential & inspire them to become creators of their lives.

Niharika’s second book is an ambitious children’s book “Sukhiya Ki Duniya” that will help children learn the art of staying happy, practicing positivity & other amazing habits not taught in schools. Niharika’s vision for Sukhiya Ki Duniya is to not only teach young readers the art of happiness but also to help them grow up into a positive generation which can eventually in time can help raise happiness index of our country. Through Sukhiya Ki Duniya, Niharika also aims at redeveloping reading habits in young kids.

She has been working with individuals & students across globe & teaching them the art of creating their reality & manifesting a life they truly desire & deserve. She has been mentoring students, corporate professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, spiritual seekers, aspiring professionals & homemakers achieve abundance, success & happiness.

Her students belong from the age group of 18 to 75 years and have been getting extraordinary results through her sessions, events, courses & products.

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Niharika Chaturvedi