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AttrAct Academy

AttrAct Academy (1)

✅Learn from powerful & life-transforming courses & products to attract your dream life

✅Use the universal concept of the Law of Attraction & everything related to the concept

✅Manifest money, success, personal growth, health, happiness & spiritual goals effortlessly

✅Get rid of negative beliefs & mental clutter & strengthen your belief system

✅Raise your frequency to match with your dreams & goals to manifest in reality

✅Apply powerful processes & techniques practically in your day to day life

✅Shift from unconscious to conscious creator of your life

✅Become the master manifestor of the reality of your choice

✅Witness guaranteed impact in all your spheres & your overall life

✅Become certified & learn to teach Law of Attraction


Conscious Creators Blueprint Course

✅ Get life-changing 3 days digital course on Law of Attraction and everything related
✅ Master activating the Law of Attraction to consciously create the life you want, effortlessly and irrespective of any external negativity
✅ Learn the fundamentals and in-depth details of the Law of Attraction, become more conscious of your thoughts, beliefs and everything you are creating in your life
✅ Master the Law of Attraction with interesting, easy to understand, fun and practical content
✅ Learn extra through 14 Free & fun bonus audio sessions to deeply imbibe the concept
✅ Dive deeper into the concept through additional bonuses resources (E-book, guided meditation audios, PDF files, links, downloadable worksheets, assignments, practical to-do exercises, charts, posters and so on)
✅ Get to the core of the concept through 24 Free audio messages with fun metaphors
✅ Learn from relatable real-life case studies so applying the concept in life becomes easier
✅ Access all this at an unbelievable price
✅ Become a conscious creator of the reality of your choice

Conscious Creators Blueprint

Conscious Creators Challenge

Conscious Creators Challenge

✅ Sign up for a braver challenge of 30 days for your audaciious dreams
✅ Binge-activate Law of Attraction & Jack Canfield Success Principles to transform your life completely in one month
✅ Start from scratch & learn everyday in 30 minutes session for 30 days
✅ Practice life transforming activities, exercises & assignments to become a conscious creator of your life
✅ Align yourelf with your ambitious goals through free bonuses & resources
✅ Get rid of all your negative mental clutter & negative reality through stepwise transformation process
✅ Raise your default frequency by end of the month
✅ Witness life-changing transformation in 30 days
✅ Shift your point of attraction from negative to positive
✅ Create an abundant & amazing reality by end of 30 days

Sukhiya Ki Duniya

✅ Get Sukhiya Ki Duniya, a Hindi book to teach young readers the art of staying happy & positive
✅ Let the little girl Sukhiya, the girl who symbolizes happiness become happiness mascot for Gen Z kids
✅ Let young readers learn basic life-related lessons, like; inculcating the art of having a positive outlook towards life & practising it daily, respecting elders, animals, plants, our culture & universal laws, developing an attitude of love & gratitude & understanding the importance & power of meditation, visualisation etc.
✅ Reroute young readers’ interest in Hindi language
✅ Develop reading habits in kids again & let them hold a book & not a mobile
✅ Contribute in raising a happier and a more positive generation through Sukhiya Ki Duniya

Sukhiya Ki Duniya Book

Law of Attraction: It works through you

LoA It works through you book

✅ Read & learn about law of attraction, one of the most powerful forces in the universe that surrounds us, affects us and can be used to create our lives
✅ Learn your role to make the Law of Attraction work in your favor
✅ Understand law of attraction in the simplest way through powerful exercises and practical examples
✅ Understand the fundamentals & the science behind the law of attraction, how to apply the law of attraction in life and how to strengthen it to create the life of your dreams
✅ Clarify doubts about the concept and look at it in a completely different and improvised way 


Calm in Chaos Guided Meditation

✅ Select one from these powerful guided meditation & witness your life transform in amazing ways
✅ Simple Breathing Meditation: Try this simple breathing meditation if you are a beginner and have never tried meditation before
✅ Meditate with Nature: Activate strong connection and affinity towards nature through this meditation
✅ Heart Space Meditation: Strengthen your heart space and release any kind of blocks in your heart space, through the meditation
✅ Beginner’s Meditation with Flame: Try meditation with an aid (candle flame) if you are a beginner
✅ Meditation as your Future Self: Imagine and visualize yourself as your future self who has already achieved and living your dream life
✅ Affirmation Meditation: Strengthen your affirmation process through this meditation
✅ Visualization Meditation: Strengthen your visualization technique & learn to practice visualizing your dreams effortlessly
✅ Chakra Meditation: Balance your seven core chakras
✅ You are Universe Meditation: Realize how much power you are storing inside as you yourself are the universe manifested as a human
✅ Life Purpose Meditation: Gain greater clarity about your life purpose so you can align your goals and vision with your purpose

Meditation series

Join AttrAct Community: Attract better things, everyday

AttrAct Community

✅ Join free AttrAct Community, get daily tips, tools, exercises, assignments & information & learn to attract better things, everyday
✅ Develop habit of staying positive
✅ Remove hidden mental blocks & clutters & create a positive belief system
✅ Fix your thoughts patterns, feelings & belief system
✅ Fix & raise your frequency
✅ Learn to stay positive & motivated despite any external situation
✅ Create happiness from inside
✅ Live a life of purpose
✅ Share your success with like minded community
✅ Attract the life you truly deserve & desire

Powerful Videos

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