Life lessons from kids can demystify The Law for us!! - Niharika Chaturvedi

Life lessons from kids can demystify The Law for us!!


Running senselessly till I am out of breath, laughing uncontrollably till my stomach starts hurting and playing games that are so childish, I start questioning my maturity level. Yes, playing with my nieces is like travelling back in the 80s. The time when my only wish was to grow up, me oblivious of the fact that growing up would only make life complex. Playing with them is also like working out because they never let me rest (as if they are my personal trainers) and I find myself trying exceedingly hard to match with their energy level. Sometimes, it becomes tough as well but to be around them and stay crazy is priceless. And there are innumerable things I learn from them; I might even allow them to have regular classes for me and grown-ups like me. Every time I see a twinkle in their eyes, I catch it unknowingly. Their lighthearted laughter is infectious and so care free, it makes me forget everything I am fretting about. And I wish, if only, I could learn and be like them, I will always find myself on cloud nine for no reason, be less prone to the drama around and more receptive to the fact that the Universe is magnificently magical.


Being around their unusually ecstatic company and listening to their exquisite conversation, I have started believing that kids are Universe’s way of telling us to be like them if we want ourselves to be happier, appreciative, pleased at everything around and connected with our source, like they are. There are life lessons they teach us, that can be so transforming, we as grownups should rethink on spending more time with them. If I could replicate at least one of their qualities below, I will be pulled a bit closer to my source. Also, if we observe these lessons minutely, they demystify the universal law of attraction for us. Let us dissect the learning and see how it all fits together to simplify the law for us.


They are enthusiastically energetic, and so full of life, most of the time (touchwood!!). It takes so much of extra efforts for us to keep up with their energy level. It is as if they are some kind of highly vibrating energy balls. And if you are around them, there is no way you will not be able to match their energy frequency. It is infectious. If we can exhibit their kind of enthusiasm toward life and its challenges, we automatically will start raising our vibes and feeling good. And once we start feeling good, the law will take its course and one by one, our pieces of troubles will start resting in peace.


The unconditional love they offer to everyone, without any judgement or conditions or expectation, can we ever love like them? Sometimes I think they recognize people (even if they are strangers) through their vibes and automatically connect with them. And if they like you, they don’t care if you like them back. If we match with their vibe, they will love us anyways. And that is how they easily attract back love, even it is from a stranger. Loving like a kid, with no conditions and radiating love for everyone around us is what we need to learn. Reflecting love always bring love back to us, as they already say “like attracts like”.


For them, the tiniest of the things is proportional to the vastest of happiness. They can effortlessly find pleasure in the simplest things. From a broken doll to a funny looking key chain, from a tiny twig to a clumsy sketch, everything is amusing for them. Seems like they want us to learn how to find joy in life’s simplest things, instead of waiting for some monumental event. And yes, it teaches us to appreciate everything we have in life right now, even though it is small, to attract a major life altering miracle.


Have you all noticed how persistent are they when they want something. If they want something they want it with all their heart and are so determined, they usually don’t give up until they get that. They have all their focus on that one toy which they believe will bring them happiness. You might call this obstinacy; I call it persistence. Something that teaches us how to be persistent for our dreams and goals, keep it in your mind and focus on those, every time you have time. Be it through your affirmations or consistent thoughts, be it through your visualization or through your words, believe in the fact that you have achieved your dream. Be persistent for your dream and the Universe will be persistent in helping you achieve it.


Forgiveness was never my forte and I think it is difficult for us all, but see how quickly they forgive each other. Sometimes in a few seconds, they are from each other’s worst foes to best of friends. Isn’t this something you would like to grasp from them? Instead of clinging to our anger, forgiving it and letting go will be the best gift we can offer to our soul. The law says that if you can’t forgive your past, you can never be grateful for your present and can never achieve the future of your dreams. Forgiving and letting go is one of the first few steps we all will have to take to continue on our journey to the destination of our dream life.


If you have to witness make-believe at its best, watch children’s pretend plays. Psychology says it is healthy part of their social, emotional and cognitive development and every child engages in pretend plays. It is fascinating to watch them making up stories, imagining, role playing and acting as someone else. It is like witnessing a fantasy. They act as fairies, super heroes, prince/princesses or anything they want to be.  It’s something we should learn from them on how to imagine or visualize who we want to be, what we want to achieve or how we want our life to be. Imagining miracles will be one of the most important steps on our way to becoming deliberate creators. (Although I would like to emphasize here that mere imagining success with no action will lead you nowhere. The Law of Attraction has “action” as suffix).


Wow…their belief!!! So strong, so unwavering. They believe in fairy tales and magical kingdoms, queens and kings, princes and princesses. They believe that Rapunzel has magical hair or Cinderella owns a magic shoe. They believe in every magic and everything magical and they believe with all their heart. They never question the existence of miracles. Unswerving and firm, I wish I could have that kind of faith for my dreams. I consider believing in yourself and in the Universe is the most important part of manifesting your dreams and is also the most difficult. But if we can master our belief, we can be the masters of our destiny. And mastering our belief is what we should learn from kids.


Their sense of oneness, their connection with who they know and with those they don’t know. Can we try and learn it from them, to know and act as if we all are one, that the Universe is one and we all are connected through the superconscious, that there is abundance for everyone so we should cheer for everyone, that if we wish or pray for others, it will be given to us as well. That sense of oneness found in kids can be lighted in us as well.


            Do kids need reason to laugh? No. My nieces laugh at lamest of my jokes. They find everything hilarious. Yes, they can feel good for no reason, smile or laugh for no reason. And they laugh open-heartedly. FEEL GOOD. The words I just highlighted in capitals is the MOST important lesson you can learn from kids and the MOST important step you must be at for the Law to work in your favor. Either you feel good because you are grateful for the things you have right now or else find another reason to feel good. But you must anyhow try and feel good, no matter what. The Universe always reciprocates your feelings while it is working on manifesting your dreams. And your emotions play the MOST important signals for the Universe. So, send out only the best of emotions out and be ready to get the best.


Yes, only if we take them seriously, children can teach us how and why not to take life so seriously. And, how life and the laws of Universe will always be in our favor if we let our inner child keep having fun.

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