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Staircase to materializing “miracles”


“Miracles” – Wow, what a word that is!!!  One of my MOST FAVORITE WORDS and I can’t stress it enough. There is so much of extraordinary mystery around the word that captivates me. Something that is inexplicable, extraordinarily exceptional and so remarkable, it makes you wonder. Sometimes even science is not able to explain these, and you feel if cause of miracles is some divine intervention.

I believe in miracles, I, myself am one.  With a soul (no one can define), an amalgamation of conscious and subconscious minds, the heart, the organs, the cells, working in perfect harmony, every single day of life. Doesn’t it sound like a miracle? Yes, we all are miracles, moving around, unknown of the fact that we are. Some of us even questioning the existence of miracles.

And for those who never believed in the existence of miracles, I was like you. A scientifically oriented girl, always trying to figure out the logic behind everything. I believed in mere coincidences and accidents. Until I witnessed the fact that the you will be undermining the magnificence of the Universe, if you don’t believe in miracles. And it is not the Universe alone, creating miracles, sometimes it works in coordination with our minds. Yes, miracles are born in our minds. If you believe in it, you will witness it, everywhere. I started witnessing miracles, when I lost my resistance toward it. And I believe, there is a staircase to materializing miracles in your life, if you take it, step by step, persistently and patiently.


       Stair 1 to 10: Believe – If you believe in the existence of miracles, you will find it everywhere. It is not that they were not present earlier but now since you believe in these, your mind will start focusing and finding them out. From a beautifully colored butterfly to a tiny seed developing into a huge tree. From your heart beating fast when you see someone you love to your mind’s expertise in taking you to places through thoughts. Aren’t all these miracles? Believe me, if you start believing in them, life is nothing but a series of fabulous miracles sitting all around you, hoping you would notice them.


       Stair 11 to 25: Make-believe – Once you start believing in the miracles, congratulations, you are on the stair 11, make-believe, a verb that means imagine or play-act. Don’t you all remember playing make-believe as a kid? Well, I remember. We, as kids had exceptional imagination. Hence we believed in everything miraculous. From fairies to magical kingdoms, we believed in everything, and with certainty. But as we grew up, our imagination lost its ground and maturity took its toll. And now we all believed a little lesser. I believe, if we make-believe miracles, our mind will start mending ways to make it a reality. Just think, what is the miracle you are seeking? How would you feel when you see it in real? Go to that zone of make-believe, attach emotions to it, feel and match with its frequency. Your mind will immediately take the hint and start its job to make it real.


      Stair 26 to 35: Expect – Start expecting your miracle. Feel excited about it. Be happy that it is on its way. Know that it will be there for you. But in this process of expecting, you need to have an unswerving patience. How do you act when you know some event is assured to happen? Do you ever doubt it? Don’t you expect a knock at your door when your friend is expected at your home at a specific time? Don’t you keep your phone handy when you are expecting your mother to call? Have that kind of unquestionable and conclusive expectation for your miracle to arrive.


      Stair 36 to 45: Attract – Since you, yourself are a miracle, so as per the Law of attraction, “like attracts like”. If you believe you are a miracle why can’t you attract miracles? And once you believe in this fact, you will be attracting it not only for you, you will attract miracles for people close to you. You will attract it from everywhere, for everyone around you. You will hear more miraculous stories of people sharing it with you. Just believe in you being your own miracle and you will attract it from everywhere possible.


     Stair 45 to 50: Materialize – And the final step when you actually materialize a miracle in front of you. And you will not find it unfamiliar because you have lived it in your mind. Haven’t you been expecting it? This moment of utter exhilaration is not only of materializing your miracle but also of the awareness that you are capable of creating miracles because you yourself are one. Congratulations on the realization!!!


And as very rightly said by none other than Dr. Wayne Dyer, “I am realistic, I expect miracles”.

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