What is your destiny? And who will decide it for you? - Niharika Chaturvedi

What is your destiny? And who will decide it for you?


“What if it is not your destiny to live that dream you are trying so hard for?”, he asked me skeptically. I knew he meant well but his question churned me from inside out. I stared at him for a while and gave him a confused look, not very sure of how or what to respond. It was a day we were having a thoughtful debate about life and related pieces. From soul to life to mind till destiny, we had been through all subjects with an infectious enthusiasm. We were on the verge of closing the dialog, when my friend’s question about destiny infected me with a virus of negative thoughts. Although I told him I will get back with a response as we parted and dispersed at the end of the day, I was not very sure about it myself.


On my way, back I typed “destiny” on the google home page and smiled at the thought of letting google tell me what my destiny is. A plethora of definitions appeared on the screen but none satisfied my yearning. As I relinquished to that itch of not knowing about what my own destiny is, I also decided to find it out by any means. Be it through books, people, or any other source, I should know what destiny is. Am I destined to live my dreams? Or is it my destiny to just live, earn and pay my bills on time, surrender to society’s idea of settling down, populate the planet, accept my nature of surviving till the day I leave my body. Somehow I was not ready to accept this.


Through time, phases and experiences, through enlightened people and their books, I gradually started to understand it. And realized that people always have misunderstood the word destiny. They use the word negatively, use the word as an excuse when they can’t achieve something, they use the word as an acceptance to not being able to win over something which is beyond their control. Their exact words being, “I couldn’t achieve it because it was not destined”. They think they can’t go against their destiny, unaware that they create their own destiny.


Yes, we have been wrong about it all the way, for what I now know, my destiny is synonymous to me, it is my mirror image, it is something I can shape as I want. It is something I can create on my own. And it is true of every single being on this planet. Our destinies can only be created by us and only us. Our paths of achieving our destinies may vary but are destinies are same. Our destinies are to be our highest selves. And the faster we acknowledge the fact, faster we will be able to achieve our destinies.

In here I sum up what I now understand of our destinies.


  1. Our destiny is to know who we are, and experience ourselves.
  2. It is to find our purpose and fulfill it.
  3. It is to evolve with time and take ourselves to the next highest level and then the next till we reach to our highest self.
  4. It is to accept our faults and act toward remedying those.
  5. It is to realize that our soul is divine and achieve our potential as a super human, as the Universe, as God.
  6. It is to live in pure harmony with nature.
  7. It is to rejuvenate our body till the day we want to use it.
  8. It is to surrender to the idea of perfection of life in the moment but also keep trying to make it better with every moment.
  9. It is to align our souls with the Universe.
  10. It is to unleash the power of our infinite mind.
  11. It is to allow the flow of abundance inside us.
  12. It is to focus only on the positive aspects of life and radiate only positivity to people surrounding us.
  13. It is to achieve the ultimate happiness and stay with it.
  14. It is to reach that state of mind where we feel ecstatic to be alive.
  15. It is to nurture a desire, know it will be ours and create a path to gain that desire.
  16. It is to forgive ourselves for all the wrong paths we have taken and accept those as learnings and not as detours.
  17. It is to commit ourselves to the very moment we are living in.
  18. It is to live all our dreams, the small ones and the ones we find so audacious it scares and excites us at the same time.
  19. It is to have that courage of following our idea of bliss.
  20. It is to live free of the societal ideas for our lives.
  21. It is to love ourselves to the core and know that we deserve the highest level of love.
  22. It is to not settle for anything less than what we deserve.
  23. It is to live the highest form of love with someone whom we connect with at every level.
  24. It is to not accept what others, say about what our destiny is or should be.
  25. It is to design our own destiny.


Today, as I write this, I believe I am ready to answer my friend’s question about my destiny. I know I am destined to live all my dreams, every single one of my dreams. I know my destiny is me with all my dreams.

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