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Reset your response button


You know humans have one solution to most of our technical issues. Turn off and turn on again. Weirdly enough, it works for me all the time. But sadly enough, we cannot do something like that with our thoughts or emotions. We cannot turn our thoughts off and on. But we sure can reset our response  buttons, find out how in this blog.

Imagine you have a button or a switch somewhere in your brain. And the switch turns on every time you focus on stuff that’s negative. And it’s because you have programmed your brain into responding negatively to every situation in your life, you ignore the positive sides of the stories, the brighter part of events and the happier parts of your moments. The negative button turns on every time you focus on negativity and it therefore makes you choose a negative response in all your life situations.

We usually have a tendency to choose negative responses in any adverse situation and hence our brain gets programmed in choosing negative responses in every situation. But what if we can reset this negative button from responding positively and not negatively to every kind of unfavorable situation?

Haven’t we all seen people who never get affected by anything happening around them and they always have something positive to say, they always are able to look at the brighter sides of everything and they are able to find the silver linings in every grey cloud. How do you think they are doing this? They have reset their response button, set to positive.

You see, they have mastered themselves as their higher selves. They have taken years of practice, of ascension to reach and stay in that state of bliss where they manage to protect their positive energy despite everything around them. They can find happiness in a garbage can as well. They know one thing that any event will have no effect on them and their outcomes if they choose how and what to respond to the event. They know that their point of power is their response and not the events happening around them. And that is why they have mastered their responses. They consciously choose a positive response, every…single…time.

You too can reset your response by consciously starting to choose only positive responses. Choose how you are responding to everything based on the fact that your response is actually going to create your outcome. No matter what is happening outside of you, you have to consciously choose a response that is positive. But where would you start from? Because choosing a positive response despite negative event will take more of all your efforts. Because we are never taught or programmed to choose positive over negative right? Think about it. Your day is going really great but then one setback happens and you start telling people that your entire day is ruined. Two news channels are running two different headlines, one positive and other is fearful. Which one do people usually choose? The fearful one, of course. A close friend does all good things, one mistake and you start blaming them for the mistake ignoring all the good things they have done for you.

I told you, we have been programmed and programmed ourselves to focus on negativity and not positivity. We also have set our responses. Most of the time, responses of people to any negative situation are grief, worry, stress, tension, fear. Through years of responding the same way people have programmed their brains into choosing these negative responses to any kind of negative situations. Their responses are now on autopilot mode. Every time they are faced with similar situations, their brain chooses the responses it is familiar with. The responses that it is comfortable with. Most of the time those responses are negative.

So, the people who have mastered their responses are the ones who have understood one thing. They have understood the fact that whatever the outer situation is, they can turn around the outcome of that situation by choosing a positive response. They have understood and accepted the fact that their point of power is their response. And that’s why through years of patient and persistent practice, they have programmed their brain to choose a positive response. They have reset their responses to acceptance, surrender, calmness, looking at the brighter side, choosing to smile, having a sense of humor. They have reset their response to positive response.

And you too can do it by continuously practicing to choose a positive response over negative. Every time you find yourself stuck in a negative situation, start thinking immediately that you might not have a control over the situation but you can still control the outcome of that situation by choosing your response wisely. You just have to engrave in your mind the fact that your point of power is your response. Choose a positive response and the outcome of any adverse situation might change.

Let me give you an example of how your response can change the outcome of any event or any situation you find yourself stuck in. Last year, the entire world came to a halt because of one small virus. A pandemic happened and that affected most of the people negatively. Because of this pandemic related negative collective energy, a lot of people went into despair.

But amidst all this negativity there were people who decided that they are not letting the pandemic disrupt their energy. They were the ones who chose positive response to a negativity inducing pandemic. These people started thinking of it as a blessing in disguise, started using this time for their spiritual growth, for their soul ascension. These people started following their passions, hobbies and bliss. These people started being grateful for every small thing they had. These people started to help others also to cope with the negativity. These are the people who chose positive response to a negative event. They knew they have no control over a global pandemic or the collective negativity, but they can still choose a positive response and turn things around for themselves.

And that is what I want you all to try doing from this moment onwards. I want you all to reset your response button. Out of all the responses that you have stored in your brain, program your brain into choosing the positive ones. Program your brain into looking at the brighter sides, focus on the silver linings and you will start mastering your responses in a way that any negative situation or event will lose its power over you.

Also, remember, the negativity around you is sometimes not rooting from you. You are not the source of it. You are just feeling negative because of the negative energy you are not even part of. And once you choose a positive response, all kinds of negative situation will stop impacting you negatively. This is how it is. So go ahead, and reset your response button to positive and only positive.




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