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Meet your higher self!


Imagine yourself as yourself, but a better one.

Imagine yourself as your own doppelganger who is better than you, in every possible way.

Imagine you have a higher and different aura altogether, whatever you touch turns into gold and whatever you do becomes superlatively successful. Imagine you carry some kind of magic with and within you, everything falls right into place for you and things turn around for your best. Imagine yourself staying in a state of bliss almost all the time and vibrating higher than usual even if the world around you is a mess. Imagine that you feel good irrespective of everything happening around you and you are able to look at the brighter and the positive sides of everything. Imagine that the people around you feel your positive energy and you can easily help them stay and remain positive, you have a better control of your thought process and you are able to remove all your negative thoughts effortlessly. Imagine you attract waves of positivity left, right and center and people look up to you in awe, and wonder what is it that you are doing right and how is that you are doing it so naturally. Imagine that you are the same and yet exceptional in every possible way and you are everything you wish you were.

You just imagined your higher upgraded self or your evolved version.

Who is your higher self?

Let me explain you this concept of higher self. Your higher self to me is someone who is like the happier, wiser, better, healthier and upgraded version of you. Healthier, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Someone who is your evolved version. Someone who is more positive, more fun, more energetic, more powerful, vibrating at a higher, much higher frequency than yours. Someone who is divine and talks in terms of energy and vibe and not as bodies. Someone who has exceedingly ascended and evolved as a soul. And this higher, ascended and evolved version is not someone separate from you. This is YOU only, after you would have upgraded yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

How do you become your higher self?

You become your higher self when you upgrade yourself, raise your frequency, undergo a soul ascension or a life transformation or an evolution. You become your higher self by working on yourself, working on your frequency and your energy. You become your higher self when you have learnt and realized you power as the conscious creator of your life. You become your higher self when you have reached to that level of understanding that you don’t get affected by any negativity around and you know that your point of power in any situation is your frequency and your response. You become your higher self when you find your life purpose and live it.

It takes persistent, patient efforts of years to become that version but once you start up on this journey of reaching or becoming your higher self, there will be no looking back. If people start becoming their higher versions, not only they will be living their wildest and most amazing dreams, they will also help the to uplift the frequency of the planet and help it ascend.

Where to begin this journey of becoming your higher self?

Begin with working on your frequency so you keep it uplifted. Your frequency is determined by the what you emit out in the universe as your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and your responses. Start with controlling your thoughts and changing negative unwanted thoughts to positive. Keep working on your thoughts and keeping those uplifted. Gradually, you will get better at filtering out negative thoughts and allowing only positive thoughts inside your mind. As you persistently keep working on your thoughts, you will start witnessing your frequency stay on the higher side and your energy positive. Keeping your frequency elevated will help you align your frequency with the frequency of your higher self. This will be the beginning and that is all you need to do to move towards taking the road towards becoming your higher self.

And as you keep working on your frequency, you will keep progressing towards becoming your higher self. All you have to do is keep keeping your frequency uplifted and you will soon meet your higher upgraded evolved self!


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