Is the Law of Attraction broken in these times? And how to fix it? (Part 2) - Niharika Chaturvedi

Is the Law of Attraction broken in these times? And how to fix it? (Part 2)


This is part 2 of the blog series that will help you fix your Law of Attraction if you have started feeling it’s not working for you in these trying times. In this part, I will try to help you stop misusing Law of Attraction unconsciously and start using it consciously in your favor.

In these times, it seems easier to say things like “focus on the positive” than doing it yourself. It seems like preaching when you tell people to look at the brighter side or at the silver linings. And people also are not very open to receiving positive advices if they feel stuck in the web of the collective negativity. People start giving all kinds of excuses about how things are not going well in their lives and so it’s “easier said than done” to focus on the good, when you are stuck in trying times.

But you know what, if someone really wants to change their lives for the good instead of succumbing to the negative web, they will turn over all the stones, put all their efforts and try everything possible to tun their lives around. So, it all comes down to the one question, how badly do you want to stop getting affected by the negativity around you and start changing your life for good.

And if the answer to this question is your sound and affirmative “yes”, then I have an amazing news for you. You can use the Law of Attraction to create whatever you want despite whatever your external situation is.

If you are unaware of the concept behind LoA, this is how it works. The LoA says that whatever you think, believe, feel, and act about, you attract in your life. All your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and your responses are shaping your frequency and the frequency that you are vibrating at is creating your reality. So, for you to let LoA work in your favor, you need to “watch your frequency” and that means you need to watch your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and responses.

So, my questions to you after you have understood the LoA, are these.

What are your thoughts, your beliefs in the moment? How are your feelings about everything around you? How are you acting or responding to everything around you? What is your response to everything happening in the moment? Because what you are attracting as your direct reality is dependent on your current thoughts, beliefs, feelings and responses (remember, all these are shaping your frequency).

I know that whenever we get surrounded by negative (low) energy, we unconsciously start getting affected by it and stronger the negative energy is, the more difficult it is for us to not get affected by that energy. And so, a negative energy of a global pandemic obviously had so much power that it even pulled down the vibes of most positive and vibrant people. And in such powerful negative energy, changing everything and focusing on the positive seems like an impossible task to most people.

So where to begin to work on yourself and use LoA for best results when surrounded or drained by strong negative energy? I will share what I usually do to keep managing my frequency and how I create my reality using LoA even in such situations when I don’t have a control over the energy surrounding me.

  • Cutting cords from all negative sources – The moment I realized that I am unknowingly getting affected by multiple sources of negativity (news channels, social media, people who couldn’t stop talking about it), I cut my energetic cords from all these negative sources. I stopped watching news channels which were dramatizing every news. I stopped sharing my energy with the energy disrupters by limiting my interactions with them. I convinced my family members to refrain from these sources of negativity and stop sharing negativity through messages and social media posts. Not that I completely blocked myself from what was happening outside, I just limited my sources of information to one genuine source and cut cords from others.

How did that help me strengthen my LoA? Cutting cords from negativity, helped me retain back my normal frequency. It helped me manage my thoughts, beliefs and feelings effortlessly without getting effected by the outside negativity. It helped me get back to my normal frequency minus the pandemic. You too can try working on these and keep experimenting on newer ways of cutting your energy cords with negativity. 

  • Focusing my energy on hope than helplessness – I started focusing all my energy in helping people who were in need. I realized that sitting around and feeling sad for people will neither help me nor anyone else, why can’t I help them in these times instead so they know they are not alone in this. We all are together in this and we can overcome together. I started following people and organizations who are relentlessly working in these times to help each other. I was literally inspired by amount of efforts these people were putting to fight this together. I started contributing to them and with them by sharing genuine, verified resources, through financial aids, mental support, personalized sessions etc. And trust me, the satisfaction this gave me was immense. I had this firm affirmative belief that everything will be alright and very soon.

How did that help me strengthen my LoA? This helped me from shifting my energy of helplessness to the energy of hope. It made me believe in humanity and power of collective action and collective positivity. The more I made my energy flow towards helping people, the more faith I had on humanity and bigger power, the more I was sure that we WILL soon overcome all of this with our collective power. You too can try to focus on helping people who are in need, associate with them, share resources or any kind of aid with them, the world needs it more than ever. The more you will contribute, the firmer you will become in terms of getting through this. Remember, the collective energy of hope, help and contribution is so much powerful than collective energy of helplessness.

  • Being grateful for everything I have and everything in advance – Starting my day acknowledging the fact that I am alive and healthy to being grateful about the smallest happiness that I have in my life. I have created my own “happy hour” and every morning, I practice this happy hour when I go on a gratitude spree where I express my gratitude for the little, simplest blessing I have in the moment and for everything that I will attract in future. I express my gratitude, in advance, for the day we would have defeated this pandemic and emerged out free, healthy and harmless. I also have created affirmations for pandemic, not only for myself but for the collective planet that is to affirm health, peace and love for the planet (you can explore this in the free tools of my website).

How did that help me strengthen my LoA? The feeling of gratitude is known to have one of the highest frequencies. Once you start saying the words “thank you” for every small thing you have in the moment, you will witness the phenomenal impact of the same and there will be no turning back for you. And you will be able to shift your feeling in minutes. Try it, without any hesitation, if you have not tried it yet. Start your day expressing gratitude for a new day and end your day by being grateful for the day that you lived. You will be amazed.

Feeling gratitude, even if it’s in advance, activates the LoA to attract more things you can be grateful for.

  • Going within – Someone very rightly has said that when things are not going right outside, we should go inside, that is we should go within. Irrespective of what is happening outside you, go inside. And that is exactly what I did. You see, I had two options, either succumb to the negative energy outside or to go within and try working on my frequency and raising my aura so much that I stop getting affected by any negativity outside of me. I have been doing my inner work, meditating, working on upgrading my skills, pursuing my passions that I have been ignoring since ages, exploring my creative side and investing on myself since last one year. I have initiated tons of new projects, despite being in the middle of pandemic and learnt so many newer skills that are so going to help me in the long run.

 How did that help me strengthen my LoA? All these following passions, pursuing blisses and exploring my creative side helped me to maintain my frequency at the higher end almost all the time. Results, I am more ascended as a person, don’t get affected by negativity easily and am able to get back to my normal frequency faster. I feel calmer, happier and more peaceful, despite the chaos outside because I decided to go within and utilize this entire time to work on myself and my frequency. So, when are you planning to go within and work on yourself, your passions, your bliss, your hobbies? Because when you are working on all these, you are strengthening your frequency and eventually strengthening your LoA. 

  • Accepting, acknowledging and surrendering – One of the ingredients for the LoA to take its course is to achieve that allowing mode. That state when you let go and let the universe take it up for you. The mode where you give in to the universe and trust that everything will be great again.

So how can anyone achieve allowing mode during a pandemic? It is by accepting, surrendering and acknowledging the fact that you can have no control over everything happening outside of you but you have a control over your response and through your response, you can create the outcome you want, despite any outside event. Any external event will stop mattering if your response to that event is in your favor. The event is not responsible for your frequency, it’s your response to the event that’s responsible for it. Once you accept, acknowledge and surrender to this fact and start working only and only your response, your entire perspective on any negative event will change. You will realize that your point of power is your response, and no one can take that point of power from you. So, what, if there is a pandemic outside, you can choose a positive response to that event and change your outcome. You can work on sharpening your frequency and no pandemic whatsoever will have the power over you. And that is what I too had acknowledged, accepted and surrendered to. I kept on focusing on the fact that it is my response that will create my reality, my outcome despite any external event. And I cracked it, as I kept on practicing it.

How did that help me strengthen my LoA? It gave me the position of power and power of creating my reality despite a global pandemic. It pushed me towards the state of acceptance, surrender and faith and also made me realize my own power as the creator of my reality through my responses.

So, now you know. Now you know how I am strengthening my frequency and making LoA work in my favor despite any external situation. And you too can do this by working on yourself, your thoughts, beliefs, word and actions. You can strengthen LoA by strengthening your frequency.

And as you keep practicing and persisting, you will raise your frequency to an extent that you will stop getting affected by any negativity outside of you and with time you will also start affecting your outer circumstances instead of getting affected by it.

Imagine 7 billion people working on their individual frequencies and how phenomenal will be the impact of this on our planet! We will collectively be able to help our planet ascend!

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