Is the Law of Attraction broken in these times? And how to fix it? (Part 1)


This blog will help you fix your Law of Attraction if you have started feeling it’s not working for you in these trying times.

Pandemic, panic and pain, nothing could have prepared us for what our country is going through today. But, as you keep thinking how a pandemic is impacting you negatively, what if I told you that you can use the Law of Attraction to stay positive irrespective of whatever is happening outside? What if I told you that you can use Law of Attraction tricks to help our planet get through this together? And you have the power to raise the collective frequency of the planet by raising your individual frequency?

I am writing this blog in the middle of this second wave of the pandemic and it’s my small attempt to help you use the Law of Attraction to raise your vibration irrespective of whatever is happening around us. It’s my small attempt to help you stop misusing Law of Attraction unconsciously and start using it consciously in your favor. This blog is to help you use the Law of Attraction during a pandemic.

Because as the planet is processing so much of collective disrupted energy, we all are feeling overwhelmed. And as globally people are vibrating at a negative frequency, they are contributing to the planet’s collective negativity and vice versa. People are just catching the collective negative energy of the planet and reflecting the same energy they just caught. They are unconsciously using or shall I say misusing the Law of Attraction to attract and contribute to negativity.

But even in such trying times, we as individuals can either succumb to this negative energy and start contributing to the collective negativity OR we can rise to the occasion and use our energetic power to turn around our frequency irrespective of how much negativity the world is processing. Because that is the only way you can stop contributing to collective negativity and start reflecting positivity for the good of your surroundings and the planet. Let us stop contributing to the collective negativity and play our part to raise the frequency of the planet.

Let me begin with how we are misusing the LoA and contributing to the negativity of the plant and how can we stop doing that. But before that let me explain to you how exactly are you contributing to the negativity of the planet.

With everything going around in the world, we usually feel that whatever is going outside is affecting us and our energy. But what we don’t realize is what we are feeling is our own negative energy as the collective energy. We contribute to the negativity and the positivity around us by our frequency.

If you are aware about how the Law of Attraction works, you know that we are energy vibrating at various frequencies and we are part of the vibrating universe. Our individual frequencies together contribute to the collective frequency of the planet. So, while we are feeling we are getting affected by the negative energy of the planet, it is also true that our negative energy is contributing to the negative energy of the planet. More is the negativity we hold on to during these times, more we will attract it and create it. We are creating a cycle of negativity by getting affected by the negativity and reflecting more of that. And that is how we are unconsciously misusing the LoA.

And to start using LoA in our favour instead of misusing it and to break this cycle of negativity, we need to start working on our individual frequencies. If we start working on our energy, we will not only stop getting affected by everything happening outside of us, we will even start positively impacting our outside by our frequency.

And how do we change your frequencies to begin with? By changing your dominant vibration i.e. by changing how you feel. You change your feelings by changing your beliefs, your thoughts, your words and your actions. And you will be able to change all this by keeping a track of what you are feeding yourself in right now. Start keeping a track of what you are watching, reading, listening to. Because whatever you are feeding your mind is what’s affecting your beliefs, thoughts, actions and feelings and eventually your frequency.

Start with the very basic action of refraining yourself from feeding anything negative that can affect your frequency. By doing that you wills start vibrating at a positive frequency and hence as per the Law of attraction you will start attracting positivity instead of getting affected by the negativity.

See, now is the time we all as individuals step up and change our dominant vibration i.e. how we feel.  Because that is the way we can rise to the occasion and turn our world downside up.

Through two-part blog series, I will be guiding you to do exactly the same. My next part will help you more in strengthening your Law of Attraction so it works in your favor despite the collective negativity. Don’t miss! Together let’s turn this around!


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