Learn Conscious Creation using Law of Attraction

Conscious creation of life you want (using Law of Attraction)


Do you sometimes feel that you created a lot of unwanted stuff in your life? And the life you are leading is not the one you truly deserve? And what if I tell you today that you can stop creating stuff you don’t want in your life and start creating a reality, a life of your choice by doing this simple thing I am going to share with you today?

In this blog I will unveil to you if “creating the reality or a life of our choices” is in our control or is it something which is not in our hands. And what is the role of the Law of Attraction in all this.

Let me begin by telling you something about people who consciously create the reality they want to live. You might wonder how is that even possible? And to that let me respond that we all are creating our realities, our lives in the current moment.

You have the power of creating the reality or a life of your choice, and you too are a conscious creator if you are aware of the fact that every moment, thought by thought, belief by belief and feeling by feeling you create your reality. And by using this power consciously, you can create the reality you actually want and not the one which you don’t want.

But most of the times, most of the people are not even aware of this fact. These people usually believe that they have no control over what they are attracting in their lives or creating day by day. They believe that their lives are beyond their control and whatever is happening in their lives, they can’t do anything to change that. And instead of consciously creating a life they want, they are unconsciously creating a negative life for themselves.

And by giving up their control on their lives, they are unconsciously attracting or creating more of an unwanted life. They are unconsciously attracting things they don’t want, getting into unwanted negative situations and creating unwanted events.

And all this they are doing unconsciously, unaware of the fact that their negative life is because of them, they are responsible for their negative life, they have created them. And they have created it by unconsciously letting negative thoughts land on the turfs of their minds and letting these thoughts stay with them. They have created it unconsciously by harnessing negative beliefs and feelings.

Once they realize this and take responsibility, they can then shift from being unconscious generators to becoming conscious creators of their lives by realizing their power they hold inside, the power of being able to create the reality they want instead of what they don’t want.

And the next step for them would be to become conscious of everything they are emitting or signaling out into the universe. Because everything, they are putting out in the universe is attracting or creating their lives.

So, if you are someone who is feeling that you have created a life full of things that you didn’t want in the first place or you feel that you deserve a better life, it is time you wake up to the fact that you are responsible for the life you have now and to the fact that from this moment onwards, you can change and become a conscious creator of a life you truly desire and deserve.

Now before I explain you that one simple thing that you can start doing that will help you become a conscious creator, let me tell you who a conscious creator is, because if you want to become one, you need to know that.

Conscious Creator is someone who consciously or intentionally creates the reality of his or her choice. Conscious Creators are aware of their powers as the creators of their lives. Conscious creators are conscious of their thoughts, beliefs, their responses and their actions because they are aware that they are constantly creating their lives.

So, to put it in other words, Conscious Creators are conscious of their energy and continue to put out positive energy despite any negativity around them. And why they are conscious of their energy is because they know the power of their frequency and so they do everything possible to keep vibrating higher.

And last but not the least, conscious creators are those who use the laws of the universe in their favor, the ones who know and use the concept of the Law of Attraction in their favor.

So how do you become a conscious creator who always attracts right things in life, who always creates situations that work in their favor, who always have things fall right into place for them and have things always working out for them. You become a conscious creator by being conscious of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. Oh wait, if that feels overwhelming for you to hear that now you have to be conscious of everything, all of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings etc., take a breath.

Start with only being conscious of your thoughts. Yes, that is the simplest thing you can do to begin activating your conscious creator mode. Just start staying conscious of your thoughts and try changing those midway or disrupting their full growth. You can do that by either converting that negative thought to positive or by killing it fully and thinking a brand new and better thought instead.

Keep doing this again and again and again and every day and you will start witnessing that the quality of your thoughts has changed from negative to positive. You will see that changing negative thought patterns has become easier and effortless for you.

Once you are in control of your thoughts, you will be in a better control of your beliefs, your feelings and your overall energy. And once you are in control of your energy, you will be in control of your life and what you are creating in your life. Gradually you will stop creating unwanted stuff in your life and start creating a life, a reality of your choice.

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