Side effects of consciously raising your frequency

Side effects of consciously raising your frequency


Let me share with you something personal about myself. Before I learned about law of Attraction, around 10 years back, I was known for attracting unfortunate events in my life. Be it unwanted people, unwanted situations or unwanted incidents, I had them all. That made me start believing that I was unlucky and luck will never work in my favor.

If you relate to that past version of me, I have a “story twist” for you.

While I had made peace with this perception that I will never change my life and this is it for me, I came to know about the concept of law of attraction.

At that time, I was so desperate to change my life that I decided that I will do everything possible to change everything unwanted that I had unconsciously attracted in the first place.

Years, I patiently, persistently and consciously started applying the concept in my life in a way that I started to witness changes in myself and everything I was attracting.

My first manifestation that I consciously created using the Law of Attraction was my job interview.

Day by day, month by month, year by year, as I kept on applying the Law of Attraction in my life and consciously kept raising my frequency, let me share that with a tinge of pride, that today, I rarely attract negative stuff in life. And that was all possible because I correctly kept applying the Law of Attraction and consciously kept on raising my frequency.

Consciously raising my frequency came with amazing side effects. So let me share what those side effects are and how happy I am that I was able to use the Law of Attraction and change myself from someone who kept on attracting negative things to someone who feels overwhelming emotions sometimes

And I am going to share the side effects of consciously raising my frequency.

  1. I have become a conscious creator of my life. Consciously raising my frequency has made me consciously create what I want to create in life and not what I don’t want. It has made me a conscious creator of the reality I want to live.


  1. I keep on attracting positive opportunities, one after another, so much that it sometimes become overwhelming for me. I attract opportunities from strangers, unknown places and unexplored resources. And this has become so common that it sometimes makes me question “what am I doing right”.


  1. Signs and synchronicities from the universe have become more and more common. Anytime I feel discouraged about my journey, *bam*, the universe pulls me back up by sharing with me the exact guidance and message I need in the moment. Synchronicities have become a part of my life. From getting the exact call, exact help or the exact opportunity I need in the moment, to getting the push from my gut to take inspired action, this is now an everyday thing for me.


  1. I am attracting people who are ready to bend over backwards for me, working towards helping me in amazing ways. As if they have been assigned by the universe to make my life easier.


  1. Now, I rarely get affected by energy disruptions. Yes, my past version used to get disrupted a lot, energy wise, with every small negative thing used to bring me down and make me feel low. Not that it doesn’t happen to me anymore. It’s just that now, it happens rarely and even if it happens and I start getting into a negative zone, feeling low and worrisome, I am able to pull myself back up to higher frequency much more easily.

Working with the Law of Attraction helped me witness this new amazing plot twist in my sad story and it helped me realize my power as the Conscious Creator of the reality I want to live. And if you too want to experience your amazing plot twist and learn how to consciously create that plot twist and, the life of your choice, checkout my digital course on the Law of Attraction and everything related: Conscious Creators Blueprint.

The course will not only help you understand, get to the core of and apply the Law of Attraction correctly, it will also help you consciously raise your frequency through working on your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions.

You deserve this course. Get it now!

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