Why is the Law of Attraction not working for me

Why is Law of Attraction not working for me?


Do you ever question yourself “why is law of attraction not working for me”?

Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you try, the Law of Attraction fails you and does not bring you the results you deserve and doesn’t seem to be working in your favor? 7 reasons Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to be working for you or in your favor and instead, you feel that it is rather working against you.

  1. One, you are not clear or persistent about what you want. You keep flickering about what you truly and actually want in life.
  2. Two, deep down you don’t believe. You either don’t believe in yourself, or on your dreams or its manifestations or you don’t believe that you deserve to live your dream. Or worse, you don’t believe in the concept of the Law of attraction, may be feel that the concept is too good to be true.
  3. Three, your focus is not right. You rather you focus more on the lack of your dreams than visualize on its manifestation. You focus more on what you don’t want than on what you want to attract.
  4. Four, your thoughts do not have your beliefs and feelings aligned with those. What I mean is maybe you constantly think about something you want to attract, but deep inside you don’t feel good about it because you are looking at the lack of it and always worrying and thinking that why is it not here yet.
  5. Five, you are not in your receiving mode. You do not consciously work on raising your frequency. Raising your frequency is what going to match your frequency with what you want to attract in your life. And if you are not doing it consciously, no matter what you do, manifestations will be difficult.
  6. Six, you are not taking inspired action whenever you are given an opportunity to take action towards your dreams. You resist taking action. It can be because of may be fear, lack of belief or comfort zone.
  7. Seven, you are not able to let go in the process. Letting go is a very important step for manifesting your dreams. Letting go is an act where you have unwavering faith that you are going live your dream reality and you focus on what you want and why you want it and leave the “hows” of it for the universe.

So, now you know why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work sometimes, it will be easier for you to figure out why it’s not working for. Tell me in the comments, if you have figured it out.

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