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Trying to stay positive during these trying times


(The blog will help you get rid of the collective negativity associated with the pandemic. It will not only help you to raise your individual vibration but will also help you to help others stay positive in these trying times.)

With so much of overwhelming energy around, if lately you have been feeling your energy slipping away and your frequency falling apart around you, you are not alone. Things have been super intense this year. There are people around the world feeling this kind of negativity as they are unconsciously using (or misusing) the Law of Attraction.

People are collectively using the Law of Attraction to attract negativity. How? They are catching the collective negative energy of the planet and reflecting the same energy they just caught. This is resulting into a cycle of negativity leading to people staying in the lower frequency and transmitting the same energy to their environment. They are unconsciously using the Law of Attraction to attract negativity, unaware that if only they break this cycle of negativity and use the concept of the Law of Attraction to stay positive, they have the power to turn this around.

What is Law of Attraction? A law that is based on the fact that we all are made of energy and vibrating at a positive or a negative frequency based on how we are feeling. The law says that we attract as per our frequencies. Our frequencies are determined by our thoughts, our beliefs, our words and our actions. So, as per the Law of Attraction, what you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, feel intensely about and act about is what you will bring about.

So, now question yourself. Irrespective of whatever is happening globally, what are you attracting in your life? Take yourself out of the global gloom and just think of your life, your surroundings and your current situation, and introspect. Are you getting affected by the collective negativity of the planet? Is your life getting impacted by the negativity of whatever is happening around?

If your answer is yes, then ask yourself the following. Are your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions are getting impacted by the collective negativity? Are you constantly in a state where your thoughts, words and actions are aligned with the negativity around you? Introspect on every aspect of your life and if it is getting affected by the current outer situation. Because how have things been lately depends on how your inner world has been lately. And if you feel, that your outer circumstances are actually affecting your inner situation then you should also know that not only are you attracting negativity in life, you also are contributing to the collective negativity.You have created a cycle of negativity.

So, what can you do break this negative cycle, stop attracting negativity and also stop contributing to the collective negativity? You can do this by working on yourself, your thoughts, beliefs, word and actions. By doing this, you will not only change your frequency, you will stop reflecting negativity outside you and with time will also start affecting your outer circumstances positively instead of getting affected by it.

So how to do it, despite all the negativity around. Here are two way you can start working on your frequency irrespective of how everyone around you are vibrating: dis-identify from the external reality and disengage from the negativity around.

  1. Dis-identify from the current reality, the pandemic, panic and the pain. Take yourself out of the global collective negativity. Know that you are neither part of it nor responsible for the negativity of everything around you. Know that you have that power to work on your frequency and change your external reality as per your inner beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

And how would you dis-identify yourself from your external reality? Go within. Start looking yourself out of the collective bubble of negativity and go within. Irrespective of what is happening outside you, go inside yourself. Go within and try to figure out what kind of beliefs you are holding on to. Start meditating, calming your mind by staying away from the chaos. Going within instead of being a part of the external circumstances will help you dis-identify from the external environment. You will start to differentiate yourself from the external situation.

Once you start identifying yourself as someone separate from whatever the outer reality is, you have to start distracting yourself. Distract yourself from the negativity around instead of focusing on the positive. Why would you distract your mind rather focus? Because, it’s easier for the mind to get distracted rather focusing. It will be difficult for you to currently focus on the positive amidst everything happening around. What will work is if you distract yourself from all the negativity by doing what you love, by being grateful for life and everything you have in your life, by staying in the moment of appreciating little things. Distract yourself from the pandemic, and the associated panic and pain. Distract yourself from the external surroundings so you can go within and separate yourself from current negative emotions floating around.

  1. Disengage from the negativity of all the sources, be it negative media, social media or people. Remember, no one has the power to pollute your energy without your permission. So if you disengage yourself with every kind of negativity, negativity will lose its access to you. How would you disengage yourself from the collective energy? Cut out the energy exchange from anything that is disrupting your energy. Stay away from people who always pull or push you towards the external negativity. Refuse to get captured by the lower frequency conversations, situations and people. Limit your access to negative media and social media and keep your focus only on the brighter side of everything. Distance yourself from the collective negativity by not contributing to it.

Try not to share your energy with the energy vampires who have been programmed to find negative in every situation. Keep your tribe small and only of people who are efficient in finding silver lining in every grey cloud. Disengage yourself with your own negativity as well by not giving attention to your negative thoughts and beliefs, by watching your negative words and by deliberately choosing positive actions. Once you stop giving attention to negativity, you will start disengaging yourself from negativity, not only the negativity outside but the negativity inside as well.

Now is the time we have been given two options, either succumb to the collective negative energy around us or surrender to our power of creating a change in the collective frequency of the planet and helping raise it. If you choose the second option, all you have to start is dis-identifying yourself from the collective negativity and disengaging from all negative sources will help you to raise your individual vibration irrespective of what is happening outside.

Persistently, if you keep practicing this, you will not only come out of the illusion of the collective negativity, you can even contribute to raising the frequency of the planet and helping each other get through this together.

It’s your choice!


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