Self-motivation is like taking bath…it is required everyday! - Niharika Chaturvedi

Self-motivation is like taking bath…it is required everyday!


Increased workloads, demanding jobs, increasing interventions of technology, 24/7 business culture, high-pressure situations and the load of balancing between work and life – no wonder today’s workforce is more stressed than ever. And if we’re running a business, a family, or a side-hustle, the stress of handling everything all at once and getting successful at everything, automatically increases our level of stress. But it does not stop here, stress is negatively affecting health and increases stress-related trips to the doctors. Not to mention depression, mental disorders, heart diseases, sleep deprivation, and many more diseases are all sourced to stress we were not able to manage in the first place.

While in such situations when stressing out is now becoming second nature to us and we feel sometimes that our stress-related emotions are ready to burst out uncontrollably, the role of self-motivation is becoming more and more important.


What is self-motivation? Imagine yourself as a bulb with its plug in its own hand. If you want to light yourself, you will have to insert your plug in the socket yourself. That’s self-motivation.


So how do you keep yourself self-motivated? The most effective ways of motivating oneself without any external help or divine interventions are some of the ones I gathered below.



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  •    Remember why you started. Focus on your end goal. Affirm your goals out loud, with positive enforcement. Write it down. View it several times a day. Visualize it as many times as possible, and with feelings. Affirming end goals conditions your subconscious mind to kick you towards achieving those goals.
  •      Mindful meditation is something that calms your mind and keeps you grounded and lets you stay in the current moment. If you are stressing out, it means you are either staying in the past or the future. Meditations helps you bring back to this moment and helps you savor the moment instead of running back to yesterday or tomorrow.
  •      Keep learning and continue adding value to yourself. New learnings are assets to your profile which not only increases your confidence, it keeps you motivated to put all your efforts towards your goal. Self-learning leads to self-confidence which leads to self-motivation. Also, self-help books are one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated.
  •      Pursue your passion. Have hobbies. Just play, exercise, detox, take a power nap, sing, write a song, do everything that makes you happy. Life is not only about working your arse off but it is also about keeping your creative juices flowing. And to keep your creative juices flowing, you need to keep your passion alive. Having passions in life and following them will not only help you stay motivated but will inspire others as well.
  •     Avoid negativity, avoid negative self-talks, avoid negative people, avoid negative talks with these people. You will always get people who are so stressed out, they keep spreading it as an infection. Avoid getting that infection. Pull them up to your level of self-motivation instead of falling to them.


And do these every day. Because someone very rightly has said that self-motivation is like taking a bath, its needed every day.


One last thing. Stop calling it a dead-line. Call it alive-line instead *wink*

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