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Is your aura photogenic?


On the #WorldPhotographyDay, let me ask you a question. Did you know that your aura can be photographed? I know it sounds mystical but they say your aura can be photographed by Kirlian photography. The picture taken depicts your physical and emotional state and your energy.

Although there are lots of controversies related to Kirlian photography and is still being studied, I will not go into its details. But I find it really intriguing. Wouldn’t it be really awesome to know how our aura looks?


Will it be a confusing mixture of all dark ones or a beautiful blend of all our favorite colors?


Will it be different shades of grey or a pure, pretty pink?


Will it be more of dark black or a peaceful white?


Whatever it is, I want to click my aura’s photograph myself, or may be take an aura selfie. ☺️


But before that I obviously would want to make it more appealing or photogenic, beautiful to be photographed. I definitely don’t want to get my aura photographed when I am feeling low or not close enough to my inner self or having consistent negative thoughts.


Our aura depicts our emotional, mental and physical state so is affected by our thoughts, our vibrations, our beliefs and our energy. If you have beautiful beliefs about yourself and the world, your aura would be beautiful with all the most beautiful colours, if you are a state of survival, always surrounded by negative thoughts, your aura is affected. Your aura is also affected by the aura of other people, environment, places etc., unless your aura itself has become strong enough to remain unaffected by other external auras. You must have seen learned people who have made their aura so strong and beautiful, it remains unaffected by anything. In fact, it is their aura and its power that spreads across and raises vibrations of others as they come close to people. It is because they have strengthened their aura through deep and profound soul search.


We can strengthen our auras by shifting our thoughts from negative to positive, raising our frequency, feeling high and reaching out to our inner self. We can strengthen our aura by becoming the best version of ourselves and aligning ourselves with our purpose. We can strengthen our aura by following our bliss and pursuing what we love to do. Inner peace, being closer to nature and being able to control our emotions and thoughts, will strengthen our aura. And all this can be achieved by starting with nothing else but meditation.


I can’t stress enough here that if your aura is beautiful and powerful it not only remains unaffected by negative aura surrounding us, it also creates a huge circumference of positivity around itself and affects people in the best way possible. Beautiful aura reflects beauty outside.

But unless we make it beautiful, there is no point getting our aura photographed. Isn’t it?

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