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Attract Academy

AttrAct Academy is for you if you want to turn your life around and genuinely want to attract the life you actually want.
Learn how to consciously create and attract the reality of your choice.
Enroll now and witness your life transform!

Act to Attract

AttrActAcademy courses will help you in not only with life-changing content but will also push you towards taking “action”. No matter how amazing is the content you are grasping or how much you commit yourself towards changing your life, none of that will matter if you don’t take action towards your dreams.

Consciously create life of your choice

AttrActAcademy courses have been designed to help you become conscious about what you are creating in your life. The content will be reminders for you to be able to create the life and reality of your choice by conscious selection of what you are holding inside you be it your thoughts, beliefs or feelings. These will help you become a conscious creator of your life.

Transform your life practically

AttrActAcademy courses have content which are easy to understand, relatable and practical. The content has been developed considering practical day-to-day issues we go through in our lives. The course will help you apply the learnings and transform your life practically.

Hi! I am Niharika, I am a “Jack Canfield Certified Trainer” on the Success Principles (by Internationally renowned author and coach Jack Canfield), an expert & a certified trainer on the Law of Attraction, an author of the book “Law of Attraction; It works through you” and a life coach.

AttrAct Academy is my way of conveying to the world the fundamentals of attracting our dreams and consciously creating the reality of our choice. So, if you have been handling the lows of life (just as I was once) and want to change your life for the best (just as I have done for myself), my courses are custom made for you.

Sign up & find out for yourself how powerful the content are & how effortlessly people can apply my learnings to attract a life they want. I genuinely believe my courses will amazingly work for you because I myself have used the content for changing my life completely. Sign up for my courses and join me in an amazing adventure today. You wouldn't believe how life-changing this can be!

Niharika Chaturvedi