Introducing Niharika

About me : Certified Law of Attraction Trainer, Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer, IIM Lucknow Alumna, Singer (by passion), Writer (as and when time permits)

Favorite reads : The power of your Subconscious Mind (Joseph Murphy); Magic of believing (Claude M. Bristol); Ask, and It is given (Esther and Jerry Hicks); Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen); The power of Intention (Dr. Wayne W. Dyer)

Favorite quote : Do it, only if you can put your heart into it.

Best quality : Courage to live my life the way I want, not the way people expect me to.

I always believed I was born to live my dreams. Born in a family of achievers and inspirations, I was always surrounded by stimulating vibes. My spark for achieving my dreams was ignited by my grandfather. The way he encouraged me on my simplest of achievements, instilled confidence in me and fueled my dreams. He was the one I always looked up to and the first one I used to share every small attainment with. He used to flaunt my trivial achievements with superfluous pride. My belief in myself and my dreams strengthened because he believed in me. He is and will always be the reason I believed that I was born to live all my dreams. Thank you, Baba!!!

A cliché life was never I knew I would settle for. I was always secretively different and used to picture myself doing things different from what others were doing. I used to question everything that looked or sounded cliché. I always believed that life is too original, pathbreaking and extraordinary to be lead as a cliché. I believe that every moment of life is a fresh opportunity to make it more galvanizing in ways you want to make it, why lead it the way everyone is expecting me to live.

I was always inclined toward Science and also, toward mysteries Science found inexplicable. When Law of Attraction was mentioned to me for the first time, I found myself questioning its existence because I was unaware of the Science that backed the law. But the greatest of the names associated with the Law of Attraction made me re-consider my urge of dismissing it without trying. As I explored more on the names of the geniuses who had applied the Law of Attraction in their lives, I was so intrigued that I felt like testing it myself. And to my surprise it worked for me in amazing ways. It lifted me up from my misery and the melancholy I was going through the phase.

My curiosity to grasp the Science behind the Law of Attraction was why I kept on researching and diving deeper and deeper into the subject. As I started becoming more aware of the Law of Attraction, I realized how everything in my life today has been the result of my beliefs and thoughts of yesterday. Comprehending this fact, everything started to add up, to fall in place and make sense. I was fascinated to an extent that I kept on researching till all my questions had been answered.

What motivated me to find AttrAct was a deep desire to share with others the answers I have found in the process of learning the basics of the Law of Attraction. I believe that there are prerequisites to getting favorable results after applying the Law of Attraction and we miss on some of these essentials.

AttrAct is my belief in the Law of Attraction and my way of conveying to the world the fundamentals of unleashing the power of the Law of Attraction.

AttrAct aims at educating and empowering our audience through events and workshops that expand awareness and synchronize people with the natural, unlimited Laws of the Universe. AttrAct intends to play a significant role in creating a world which is ever-expanding and full of abundance.