About AttrAct

  • AttrAct was created to take you through the journey of exploring the enchanting Law of Attraction and your role in directing the Law of attraction to work in your favor.
  • AttrAct workshops, events, seminars, meetups designed for You intend to help you unleash the power of the Law of Attraction and use it for your overall personal growth.
  • AttrAct Law of Attraction workshops/events/seminars will take you through the pages of the “Science” behind the “Law of Attraction” in the book of the Universe. These workshops will help you dive deeper into your own mind and know how your mind, both conscious and subconscious are playing their respective roles in using/misusing the Law for you, as per your beliefs.
  • AttrAct Law of Attraction workshops will coach you to renovate your mind so they apply the Law of Attraction collectively with you and the Universe to AttrAct whatever you want in life.
  • AttrAct workshops aim for you to comprehend the fact that the Universe works as a team, in synchronization with you. It is your partner, accomplice, assistant in using the Law of Attraction. It never works alone. It is your inspired action that inspires the Law of Attraction to take action. It wants you to act toward what you want to manifest and leave the rest for the Law. It will create opportunities, hope, doors, ways, as per your inspired action.
  • AttrAct workshops have been specifically designed for you to work on your beliefs through working on your mind first and then act. AttrAct was shaped for all of us to remind that we need to act toward our dreams, so we can shape our of life the way we want.